Meditation and The Smashing Pumpkins

Play this song [loudly] through your headphones while you read this entry. My writing will probably suck less that way.

Remember the first time you ever popped The Smashing Pumpkins’ “Siamese Dream” album into your stereo not knowing what exactly to expect, but you somehow knew that listening to it was going to be one hell of an experience?

The first song on the album is Cherub Rock, which starts off with Jimmy’s little drum riff. And right on the downbeat, Billy takes us to a solo guitar groove for a few bars that gets your head movin’ a little bit. Then Jimmy comes back in on the drum set with a popping snare that starts to get the rest of your upper body bouncin’. Then D’arcy joins in with her thunderous bass line that brings your legs in on the action. And finally James comes in with his roaring rhythm guitar that just fills your head, your room, your house, the neighborhood, the world, and the universe with an enormous sound that gets right down to your soul… and finally the four musicians lock in, and you’re finding yourself just going apeshit, and for a split second you actually lose yourself in the moment, not knowing who you are – hell – you’re not even aware that you even had a “self” to begin with because in that moment, that sound is everything that exists in the universe, and everything that exists in the universe is you.

That’s the experience that I get when I’m doing my style of Qigong (Chee-gong) meditation. I start off with my pre-meditation ritual, a few slow and deep breaths, and settle down to let myself go. And slowly but surely, I start to feel that build up… and when I finally lock in, it’s Cherub Rock, man.

By then, I’m juiced. I’m jazzed. And at that point, any perceived boundaries that exist between you and all things dissipate, and this Yin-Yang blend of inner peace and a rush of energy penetrate within you, and you become the eye of the hurricane… you’re aware of the chaos around you but you’ve become the pivot of stillness and clarity.

The style of Qigong meditation that I do is called Jing Dong Gong, or, Stillness Movement Cultivation. It’s [what I believe to be] an advanced form of meditation where you realize stillness of mind but cultivate energy in your body. It’s a powerful meditation, and one that I recommend if you’re involved in any healing modality for a living.

In the same way that the Smashing Pumpkins’ music helped me get through my days of late-teen/early adult angst, Qigong meditation gets me through my hectic and busy days in my healing clinic, providing me with the energy and clarity to give 100% of everything I have for my patients.

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