How neigong meditation has helped me so far.

I can post articles and Tumblr-friendly infographics all day about how qigong, neigong, or meditation in general can benefit you, but I feel like those things would have no real meaning unless I talk about it from an intimately personal standpoint. So how has neigong (a very dynamic form of meditation) helped me?
Well ever since my acupuncture practice has been getting busy in February, I was feeling drained by the end of each day. Like really drained. Like, I just wanted to go home and simply go to bed and sleep for twelve hours. But of course, any of you have a spouse and small children would understand that simply going to bed is just not something you “simply” do. So that wasn’t an option. So by the end of February, it finally kicked in that maybe I should start sitting on my zafu and cultivate some Qi. And since then I’ve been doing it religiously, so much so that I can’t go a day without doing it.

My body’s been going through a lot of changes. Since I started this meditative journey in March, I’ve been having a lot more energy and haven’t been feeling drained at all in my clinic since then. As a matter of fact, I’ve been taking on even more patients per day since February, and I’ve been feeling fine.

What’s even more interesting is that due to the nature of the type of meditation I do, my senses have been a lot more sensitive in the form of feeling, hearing, and sight. And because of that my acupuncture diagnosis and treatment outcomes have been incredible. I’ve also become even more intuitive than I used to be, which not only improves my diagnosis and treatment strategies tremendously, but my intuition has improved in every aspect in my life.

But what I really like is that I’m more calm, less angry, and feeling less stress. The things that really get my panties in a bunch really don’t bug me as much as they used to be. And if they do, it’s only for a few seconds. Stress is virtually non-existent. Even being a Navy Reservist, with the looming possibility of having to leave my family constantly hangs over my head… that doesn’t bother me anymore either. I feel liberated.

And because I’m starting to let go of all those toxic emotions, and uncluttering my brain, I’m able to concentrate more, and concentrate better.

But one really interesting side-effect to doing neigong every day is that I’ve become ultra-sensitive to my body’s needs which helped change my diet and lifestyle tremendously. Neigong basically means “inward training” which really makes you experience and observe everything from inside of your body from your thoughts to your bones. Everything. And because of that, I’m able to listen to what my body needs. And lately, it needs to be vegetarian. It’s so weird. One day I snapped out of my meditative state, jumped off my meditation cushion and decided I’m going to be a vegetarian, after years of eating medium-rare prime ribs and eating every bit right down to the gristle. But it wasn’t a conscious decision to become a vegetarian, my body decided it just didn’t want any meat. Starting in late-October, I’ve been feeling sick after eating beef, chicken, pork, etc. Even some seafood too (I’m actually still good with salmon but the shit’s expensive so I keep that to a minimum). I guess I’m more a pescetarian. But I don’t crave it. Just plant-based food. It’s so weird, but I welcome the change. And I’ve been losing unwanted weight easier, and feeling even more energetic.

So those are my most palpable changes I’ve experienced since starting my neigong meditation regimen on the first of March. Pretty sweet, huh? I mean there’s also that intuitive understanding of our interconnectedness and oneness with the Tao and all the other stuff (etc etc etc), but it’s not like I’ve never intuitively felt that way or experienced it before. I’ve experienced all that shit when I was a kid (long story there). But if there’s one thing that neigong meditation is doing towards “enlightenment,” it’s that it brings those things out towards the surface, and holds it there the longer you practice. Because sometimes you forget. Meditation is there to remind you that you’re absolutely brilliant in the most selfless and compassionate way.


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