Rest easy, my beautiful friend.


My “sista from anotha mista…” You were my first real teacher and mentor when I decided to turn my life around by entering the realm of eastern healing back in 2007 by enrolling into shiatsu school. Your teachings helped me so much, that when I decided to ditch shiatsu for acupuncture, I did really well in my first year. When I first met Michael Lomax and learned his style of Medical Qigong, I couldn’t wait to tell you about him, as I knew you’d be a gifted healer, and you proved me to be right. Expectedly, you quickly became better at it than I was, and you became my mentor once again.

You inspired me to teach both the Tao and Qigong. You inspired me to dig deeper into my neigong practice and kept reminding me what I was doing wrong, the very things that I taught you at first. Just you being you taught me that it was okay to be both spiritual and an uncompromising smart ass at the same time. You were real, and  you were my spirit example, my spirit animal.

I thoroughly enjoyed our deep, heart to heart “lily pad” talks about the Tao and healing, and how we considered each other as “brother and sister of the Tao.” Right from the moment we met, I knew you were going to be something very special in my life. Together, we were like Yin and Yang. My water and your fire. “Rebellious Qi and Bad Ass Bodhisattva.” I sure wish we did come out with that comic book.

I just wish we didn’t lose touch since December. I wish I knew why, because you meant so much to me as a friend. I remember helping you out of one of the toughest moments in your adult life five years ago, I wish I could have done so for you again had I known you were going through such a hard time. I promise to not beat myself up over this, but it still hurts. I love you as much as anyone can ever love a friend.

And you were always a good friend to me, so supportive, so enabling. Again, you were like a sister to me.

I’ll never forget how you let me perform acupuncture at Urbancore when I was struggling in my first year of practice. And it helped tremendously, it gave me the necessary boost. You’ve done so much for me, and I know you’ll always be there for me still, just as you were today when I asked you for your help in the qigong treatment of a patient with a difficult condition. And it helped tremendously thanks to your spirit. I know you’ll always be here for me.

But it still hurts, it hurts so badly. I try not to feel selfish about it, but I feel so devastated. I long for your friendship again, your hug, your voice, your sarcastic laugh, your fire.

You’re my spiritual sister in the Tao, and I wish we shared more time together. I’m forever grateful, I’ll always feel indebted to you, I’ll always be your apprentice, and I’ll always be your “brah.”

Rest easy, my beautiful friend. With a heavy heart, I’ll miss you always.

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