Deeper now…

In Taoist meditation, specifically Zuowang, or “Sitting in Oblivion,” there’s that state you enter where you lose track of your physical body, your senses, and your thoughts cease. In some circles, they call this “emptiness,” and in other circles, they call it “wuji,” “void,” or “primordial chaos.” In either case, it’s pretty rad.

I’ve had some pretty off the wall things happen during the times I actually reach this state, like actually communicating with one of my friends who just happened to be in that state at the same time, or reaching some sort of insight to a question or problem that has bothered me. But for the most part, I’m in this profoundly relaxed state of mind (or no-mind?) where, when my meditation is over, I feel as if nothing can bother me. Not even if someone comes up to me and calls me a panty-waste.

But I’ve found that the more I practice my meditation diligently and painstakingly, the more I reach that state of ultimate relaxation, the less that the daily and mundane things bother me.

In the book of Zhuangzi, he talks about perfected men being able to walk into water and not get wet, and walk into fire and not get burned. Not literally, of course, but he meant to say that the more you cultivate stillness and quietude within yourself, the more you can go about your daily life unscathed by the wretchedness of the matrix of our human society. You can stay centered amidst the flying egos once you go outside or log onto facebook.

I have miles to go before I can get to that point, but I find myself getting closer by a centimeter each day.

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