Meeting My Spirit Guide

Several years ago when I first started studying the deeper, more esoteric forms of energy healing, my instructor spoke at length about the the commonalities that energy healing and Native American Shamanism shared. For instance, he would learn some practices from a Native American Shaman, and then fly to China to visit his Qigong Master to show him what he learned. His Qigong Master would nod his head in delight and say, “Great, this is how we do it,” and then do virtually the exact same thing. There is a universality between Native American Shamanism and energy healing.

Since then, I’ve developed an interest and curiosity of not just Native American Shamanism, but shamanism as a whole. From what I’ve read, despite some of the cultural differences between all forms of shamanism, there is this incredible sense of universality between all the traditions all around the world. The biggest example I can think of is that everything in the universe not only has spirit, vibration, and consciousness, but everything is spirit, vibration, and consciousness. I remember my mind being blown by this upon discovery, because this is completely in line with my experiences in energy healing, because when I do the cultivation practices and perform the healings, everything becomes alive.

When I read a little bit more about Native American Shamanism, I found that there is also the idea that everyone has a spirit guide. These are spiritual entities that are always there for you to guide you and help you in times of confusion and distress. These are beings that want to assist you in realizing peace and happiness in life. It’s said that one must develop a relationship with these guides, but how? So I decided to find out.

I initially looked for someone here in Chicago. I found a few websites, but since I was completely ignorant about the community here, I didn’t know who was legitimate or not, and at the time, neither did any of my friends. So after a while, I gave up.

I then did a book research and I opted to purchase an audiobook by renown practitioner Sandra Ingerman called “Shamanic Visioning.” It’s a phenomenal audiobook where she teaches you the basics of Native American Shamanism. She gives you a few introductory lectures, then with the help of a sustained, trance-inducing drum beat, she guides you through “shamanic journeying,” a meditation designed to thrust you into the spirit world to find and communicate with your spirit guides.

When it came time for me to finally take part in the guided journey, I laid down on my bed and began listening to the guided meditation. The sustained drum beat was a bit jarring at first but as I started settling into the meditation, I started becoming entranced by it.  Then suddenly in a great big woosh, everything turned white and I was in a different plane of existence. Immediately after that, my vision settled and I found myself in a deep forest. That’s when I realized I was officially on a journey into another dimension to finally meet my spirit guide/spirit animal.

It was like a scene from a fantasy film, but I truly felt as if I were really in the middle of a thick forest, darkened by the denseness of all the trees and green vegetation. It didn’t feel scary at all. As a matter of fact, the forest felt vibrant, invigorating, and full of pure energy.

As I started walking around, something big and imposing stopped me in my tracks. And there he was, a large anthropomorphic wolverine, standing up on his hind legs, powerful and unpredictably tall. There was no mistaking it… he was my spirit guide.

Finally, dickhead.” He said to me crudely, as he came closer into view. “You know, I’ve been trying to reach you for-fucking-ever. And you’ve always known I was your spirit guide… I’ve heard you tell people that I was your spirit guide… but you’ve never come down to say hi. But here you are. Finally.”

I stood there, unable to speak.

“Remember the first time you saw an X-Men comic book? And you saw the character Wolverine on the cover? That was me reaching out to you. I’m the reason why you’ve always had a fascination with the Wolverine comic books. Most people love Wolverine because he’s an interesting and exciting character, but you love him because you embody the true animal that he represents, and you always have. There’s no denying it. But were times when you were acting like a total wuss, and you needed me. And the comic book was the only way for me to get you to listen to me and embody your true power. The comic book was just my calling card to you.

“I’ll always be here for you,” he said. “Just not all the time. You’ve gotta figure shit out on your own sometimes. And you can do that. You’re exactly like me – you’re determined and you’re ferocious. You feel a great honor and duty to heal and protect others, especially those whom you love. Your spirit embodies a true wolverine. And most of all, you’re a loner. You appreciate and honor your teachers, but you’re a true fucking loner. Use that all to your advantage, and you’ll do great. So remember, if you’re ever feeling like a fucking wuss again, call upon wolverine energy, and I’ll be there for you.”

And at that moment, the journey ended.

I guess it’s true when they say that your guides always speak to you in a manner that you can understand. And having a US Navy background, he definitely spoke in a manner I understood!

Since this journey, I’ve researched the nature and behavior of wolverines, and feel a validated sense of kinship with them. So many of their characteristics fit me to a T, exactly what my spirit guide said. I don’t have any trouble being a lone because I prefer it. I’m a small guy but my heart is ferocious. I have a deep sense of honor, and most of all, just like real wolverines, I love my kids.

I do encourage everyone to do a shamanic journey to speak with their own guides. They’d appreciate it as much as mine did. My spirit guide is always there when I need guidance or inspiration. That’s what they’re there for. But don’t use them as a crutch.

For an intro to shamanism and shamanic journeying, I recommend:af03783-shamanic-visioning-published-cover


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