Is It All Me?

Today’s 1-hr neigong sitting was monumentally difficult. Although I felt the white light vibrations grow from within and seep into me from without, I was a bit too attached to my monkey ass mind. But it was my first 1-hr sitting since my qigong workshop a few weeks ago, so I wasn’t so hard on myself. Actually, I’ve grown to rarely be hard on myself. In cultivation practice just like anything else, you’ll always have “good” days and “bad” days.

No true insights were gained during my sitting today. But the most interesting insight came to me during my 2-hr Running/Walking Qigong. Just a background… Running/Walking Qigong is another technique taught to me by my qigong master to help cultivate qi while exercising. It’s a powerful practice, and a very advanced one. Even as inconsistent as I am with it, doing a run/walk interval for 7 miles like I did this morning doesn’t deplete me at all, it actually feels awesome during and after.

[As a side note, based on my qigong master’s teachings, I’ve been able to create a “Weightlifting Qigong” recently in order to cultivate while lifting weights. I don’t have enough time to exercise for an hour or two, then do qigong for another hour or two. So I had to learn how to do both simultaneously. I’m all about efficiency, man.]

Anyway, while I was doing my walking qigong, I entered a space within my consciousness that made me acutely aware of a particular aspect of existence. It’s taught in so many Zen and Taoist circles that the universe is not just something we’re a part of, but it’s something that comes from within. It’s an idea that’s so difficult to grasp if you’re only thinking within the linear aspect of consciousness. But qigong practice helps me become more aware of the non-linear realm of existence.

So there I was, walking on the sidewalk amidst the hustle and bustle of traffic. Cars are roaring past me with commuters desperately scrambling to work. It’s chaos out there during rush hour. So I redirected my awareness at the sky, trees, and the grass. I then began to lightly settle my inner eye onto my lower dantian, that’s when I began to actually feel something quite different.

The world around me suddenly became a manifestation of my shen. It was almost as if my lower dantian itself, the energy center located just below my navel, was presenting to me the entire universe of existence that surrounds me. Everything looked clearer and crisp, like switching from watching a 1970’s television set to an HDTV. When I gazed at everything, from the trees to the commuters, I had this unique feeling as if all of them were me. Even with the semi-lawlessness of traffic and the hurried pedestrians and cyclists that were scampering their way to work, I didn’t feel as if they were all separate people, I felt as if they were different aspects of me. And I treated everyone and everything as such. Even the rudeness of people didn’t bother me very much. Could this be because that very rudeness is an aspect of myself that still very selfish and uncompassionate? Does everyone represent a sort of different side to me? Is this what all those Zen and Taoist sages meant by “everything is you?” To be honest, I have no idea, but it’s definitely something I have to research within myself and sit with for a bit.

That was an interesting spiritual experience. Physically, the vibrations in and around my body felt so intense that I felt like I began to glow. I was energized. If I didn’t have to go to work, I’d have done this all day.


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