Yijing Cartomancy

I was itching to cast the Yijing today using the cards, which I have consecrated for months but haven’t yet used. So I decided to break them in with a reading for myself. Benebell Wen says that with Yijing cartomancy, unlike the freedom you get with Tarot, it’s best to keep the layouts as simple as possible, that even one-card draws can give you accurate readings. Today I chose a two-card reading — one card for the current situation, and the other card for guidance.

So I shuffled and spread the cards as well as I could (which was a little bit of an involved process since these cards are 5×7), lit the incense, and pulled out the two that screamed at me.

The guidance I’m asking for is pretty private, so pardon me for being vague, I have a short term goal in mind right now that I’ve put on the back-burner for a few weeks.

Hexagram #16 says that currently, I’m super hyped and motivated to get on top of this situation, but I need that extra “oomph” of being “motivated by the energy of life,” and to not let old situations and limitations hold me back.

Hexagram #45 is basically telling me that all things are go, but I need that support group. The support group is going to be that catalyst for the change I want in my life. However… sometimes that support groups breaks down, and I’ll either face disagreements or will have to go at it on my own. I truly believe that this path that I want to embark on is a path that will help me help others, so putting my limiting beliefs and habits aside will help me get to where I want to be.

I really like this outcome a lot, and it’s actually helped provide light on a sub-situation that I didn’t realize existed till now. That’s the beauty of the Yijing.

Once I achieve this goal, I’ll come back to this post and give every detail.

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