A Doodle

You’re different in every way.

You’ve adapted by becoming a Lone Seeker with few masters and even fewer colleagues.

You live in an aggressively contentious society full of those whose minds have succumbed to “programming” in the materialist Western culture. You find it difficult to express yourself publicly without fear of ridicule.

Even amongst your own colleagues, you’re an alien.

You practice acupuncture so differently that colleagues think it’s too weird. You practice a qigong energy healing lineage that is so outside of traditional techniques that it brings out the angry, aggressive, and pretentious egos of other practitioners. Within the spiritual healing realm, it’s hard to find practitioners who simply and genuinely want to help others who aren’t attached to money, fame, and/or control.

When they let you down, you become your own hard-won ally. Forgiveness becomes a thing to cultivate. Most of the time you’re happy, but sometimes the disappointment in others gnaws away at you so hard that you start to bleed. You keep your hands in your pockets and try to let their insults bounce off you. And you want to hate them all, but you can’t… that’s not what you do. Hate is just a mask for fear and grief, and you know this well.

So you spread light and love and compassion to where ever there’s darkness, to whomever needs it, to whomever wants it. And when the job is done, you go back on your seeking path alone.

And that’s okay. You do things your way. You express your own inner brilliance. You don’t need a community that can’t handle you being you.

See you, Renegade Seeker.

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