Psychic Attacks

A few mornings ago, I had an uncomfortable exchange with a client. It wasn’t by any means a horrible exchange, but it was a bit uncomfortable. Later on that day I all of a sudden started to feel an intense bout of anxiety (with chest palpitations) and I was feeling like my energy had been zapped from my body. While this was all happening, images of the person with whom I had a disagreement earlier kept spontaneously coming into my head. They were attacking me psychically. This person was highly gifted and highly energetic, so I knew it was a psychic attack. Whether or not it was intentional (I’ll get into this later), it didn’t matter. I was in the middle of a work day, and I needed help.

So I texted a colleague of mine who practices the same system of energy healing that I do, and asked him if he can give my energy field a scan and maybe a treatment. Even though he lives in Portland, he can still give me a good scan while I’m here in Chicago. I didn’t tell him I was under attack, just that I was experiencing anxiety.

I was in the middle of treating a client when I started feeling tingles, and a sort of “brushing away” of muck from my body. When I was done with giving my client their treatment, I went back to my desk and saw that I received a text on my phone from my colleague. It said the following:

“Just did a session for you. Wow that was interesting, I saw ropes tying you down to the earth at both K1 points [at the bottom of the feet], I felt with the intention of keeping you from accessing heaven and the higher levels [of vibration/density]. I cut those and did a Shen [spirit] clearing at heart, I felt something strange in your dantian [around sacral chakra] and I transmuted that. I felt whoever put those ropes felt me interfering and began attaching my own heart, I stood my ground and asked for help, and felt a powerful martial projection from Master Hu come through me and blasted away the energy of the attacker. You should be all good now, I strengthened your shields with invisibility intent.”

He basically said that he saw that I was under psychic attack, and because he was helping me, he was under attack too. So he called upon a spirit to help him clear the attack. When he was done, fortified my defenses and gave me a “cloak,” too. He saw that I was damaged and shackled. The attacker wanted to hurt me and hold me down. But my friend cut the cords and liberated me.

A couple things happened here. First, his ability to scan and treat from a distance is super strong. When it comes to energy, healing, spirituality, etc., time and distance mean next to nothing. But the most important realization here is that psychic attacks are real. I didn’t even tell him I was under attack, but he saw it and took care of it, and even had to defend himself from it, too. As occultist Thomas Sheridan said, Psychic Attacks are Very Real and Very Dangerous.

After my friend cleared my energy field I felt much better. The anxiety and palpitations stopped, but I was still a little fatigued. When I had a few moments of free time that day, I did my sitting energy cultivation and shook off any residual negative energy and immediately felt much better.

I’ve known and have read about psychic attacks for some time now, but I didn’t start experiencing them until a few years ago. Some of them were weak enough for me to fend off by myself, but some of them were persistent and strong enough that I needed help. Quite a few months ago there was a series of psychic attacks that just wouldn’t stop until recently, leaving me worn out, foggy headed, and tired. But with the help of friends, I was able to fight it off. I have to thank the universe for providing me with a wonderful circle of people who are willing to help.

Depiction of an insidious psychic attack.

Psychic attacks can come from anyone, anywhere. They can come from people who are jealous of you, people who want to control you, people who are threatened by you, or people who felt wronged by you in any way. Sometimes these attacks are very calculated and deliberate, the attacks being delivered through specific ritual (like black magick), calling upon dark energies with malicious intent.

But sometimes these attacks are actually unintentional.

Whether you’re aware or not — whether you like it or not — every last one of us are psychic creatures. Coming from an animist point of view, this is a universe where everything is consciousness, and consciousness is energetic vibration, with all of us being receptors and expressers of it. And a part of all of that is psychic energy. We can all affect each other with merely our thoughts, intentions, and emotions, which is one reason why in Eastern spirituality there’s so much emphasis on controlling them. So sometimes if people’s emotions towards you are strong enough, they can actually affect you without them having to do any form of ritual. A lot of times, people who unintentionally attack you are completely unaware how strong they are psychically. Their subconscious is actually attacking you, and it can be done so out of complete ignorance, meaning that they’re ignorant of how malicious negative thoughts, intentions, and emotions may potentially be.

So what are the symptoms of psychic attack? So far, I have felt:

  • Incredible fatigue
  • Insomnia or restless sleep
  • Foggy headed
  • Generally confused, fighting to think straight
  • The feeling that I’m not all there
  • A feeling of detachment
  • A feeling as if someone is watching me
  • A feeling that I’m under control
  • Dark emotions
  • Questioning your own power, sanity, and sentience (like gaslighting)

How did I know that I was being psychically attacked? A lot of times these symptoms happened to me because I was triggered by a traumatic memory or I’ve been indulging in an unhealthy lifestyle. But during a psychic attack, all of these symptoms spontaneously occurred without explanation, and even while things are going very well in my life. Fortunately enough for me, since I’ve been doing occult energetic healing practices for some time, I’m usually keenly aware of when I’m being psychically attacked. But sometimes it’s insidious. Sometimes it’s so subtle, calculated, gradual, and prolonged that you don’t even realize that you’ve been attacked. It’s kind of like being in a house where someone is raising the temperature up one degree per hour, and don’t even realize it till you’re burning hot. The scariest thing is that sometimes you don’t even know if you’ve been suffering from a prolonged and gradual attack until someone actually spotted it for you. That happened to me recently, too.

To fend off and heal from an attack, there are so many ways. The way I do it is through the help of friends who are energy healers and acupuncturists. In this case, I’m not afraid to ask for help. Then I do my energy cultivation, give myself Reiki, meditate, get some rest, and continue eating healthy foods.

So how do I protect myself? I can’t speak for anyone else other than me. I haven’t yet found a failsafe technique that will prevent people from attacking me. As long as I’m alive, I will always have an antagonist. There will always be someone who would want to harm me for any reason. So to protect myself, I approach things holistically. I stay away from potentially negative situations that may attract negative people. I do this by watching where I hang out, and with whom. I do my best to avoid engaging with or interacting with negative people. I don’t get into petty arguments and endless debates. I’ve cleared my social circles from potentially negative people. I practice spiritual work that includes being aware of, and controlling my own emotions, intents, thoughts, speech, and actions. I practice incantations to enhance spiritual protection from negativity. I practice energetic meditation/cultivation to raise my vibrational consciousness to rise above and clear negativity from myself or others. Most of all, I practice loving kindness. Thoughts, intentions, words, and actions of love attract not just the same type of people, but also the same type of spirit or deity. A loving heart is full of loving light, and there’s no other force stronger and more protective than that.

That being said, there are times when I absolutely must say or do what is right, which can attract negativity. That’s when I make clear that my intentions are positive and will maintain my boundaries. And I often walk away from potentially dangerous situations by allowing them to feel “right” or “superior,” and I walk away. I have nothing to prove to negative people. No matter what, negative people will never respect you, so why bother engaging? They’re just trying to suck you in. Never negotiate your goodness with negative people.

From “War Games” (1983)

One rule that I’ve placed on myself is to not attack back. If I place my own psychic attack, then I’m calling upon the dark spiritual forces, and that would make me just as bad, joining in the ranks and files of negativity. Light is about healing. Dark is about hurting. If you call upon the dark, you will lose that part of you that believes in what’s right. You will lose support from the spirits who want to protect you. You will lose a piece of yourself even if you “win.” So no matter what, you will lose. Like they said in the movie “War Games,” the only way to win is to not play at all.

For a more in depth look into psychic attacks, this is an awesome piece: Psychic Attacks Are Very Real and Very Dangerous

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