About Me

Hello, Friend. I’m Sonny. I am what they call a Crazy Poor Asian.

I’m a Filipino-American entrepreneur; a failed jazz vocalist turned Licensed Acupuncturist and energy healer in Chicago, IL. I’m also an amateur writer and anxiety/depression fighter.

“Rebellious Qi” (pronounced chee) in Chinese Medicine is a pathological condition when energy in a particular part of the body flows in the opposite direction of how it’s supposed to. One symptom of Rebellious Qi is vomit. Thus, this journal is my mind-vomit.

I’m an introvert, loner, and individualist; a nameless soul trapped in a megalomaniac world. Unplugged and deprogrammed from the matrix, failing and flailing, an army of one, leading my own spiritual rebellion. God, that was overdramatic.


Really, I’m just practicing my writing chops here, scribbling about both everything and nothing at all.

Find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RebelliousTao