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Hello FriendHello, Friend.

My name is Sonny.

I’m a student of Tao and practitioner of Eastern holistic healing, such as Acupuncture, Clinical Qigong energy healing, and Reiki. This is my practice journal.

“The Tao is in the piss and shit.” – Zhuangzi

This is where I write down my deepest, darkest, most truthful thoughts about my life that leave me naked and embarrassed.

Here you’ll find my awakenings, my failures (mostly failures), and everything in between. Here you’ll find me hurt and bleeding, hobbling throughout life as a wounded healer, carrying the hopeful lantern of Tao practice through the darkness. My thoughts are both ugly and beautiful, but most of all, they’re honest.

I’m neither a sage nor guru. I’m just like you… just trying to figure it all out. But in the end, I always learn. And I hope we learn together.

My city is my Taoist “monastery.” My everyday life is my “monkhood.”

I live in the suburbs, but provide Eastern medicine and practice Taoism in my hometown of Chicago. This city is the microcosm of the human experience throughout history – joy and pain, peace and war, love and hate, violence and compassion. Chicago is gritty, over-stimulating, scary, and lonely… and a perfect place to practice cultivating the Tao.

If a monastery is a place where people find the opportunity to face all the daily challenges in order to grow spiritually, then I consider the entire City of Chicago my monastery. Using my everyday life as an opportunity to learn, there’s really no separation between my home, work, and spiritual life.

I’m a husband and daddy, US Navy Hospital Corpsman (Reserves), licensed acupuncturist, and a failed jazz vocalist. I’m a failed lots-of-things, actually.

And that’s what makes life exciting.

Find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RebelliousTao

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