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Me and My Shadow [Self]

Like the wallpaper sticks to the wall
Like the seashore clings to the sea
Like you’ll never get rid of your shadow
Frank, you’ll never get rid of me
~ Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra in the song “Me and My Shadow”

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Is It All Me?

Today’s 1-hr neigong sitting was monumentally difficult. Although I felt the white light vibrations grow from within and seep into me from without, I was a bit too attached to my monkey ass mind. But it was my first 1-hr sitting since my qigong workshop a few weeks ago, so I wasn’t so hard on myself. Actually, I’ve grown to rarely be hard on myself. In cultivation practice just like anything else, you’ll always have “good” days and “bad” days. Continue reading

The “Self” and Qi Cultivation

When I was doing my sitting neigong this morning, I remember having reached a state of absolute emptiness when an insight forced its way into my head, knocking me right out of my wuji. I checked my watch and 52 minutes of neigong had somehow passed, and so I had another 8 minutes to take note of that insight for a later time while I power through the rest of my meditation. It was a rough 8 minutes. Continue reading

How neigong meditation has helped me so far.

I can post articles and Tumblr-friendly infographics all day about how qigong, neigong, or meditation in general can benefit you, but I feel like those things would have no real meaning unless I talk about it from an intimately personal standpoint. So how has neigong (a very dynamic form of meditation) helped me? Continue reading

Anxiety, Sensitivity, and Enlightenment is Dumb

My neigong practice has been doing quite well lately, ever since the last post where I realized that what I’ve been doing wrong was that I was “trying” to do something. More specifically, I was “trying” to get my Dantian to light up. So since then, I’ve been simply sitting, observing my Dantian, and just allowing things to happen, experiencing every nuance and every sensation that comes along with it. Usually, I feel my Dantian heat up, and within minutes I feel that heat spread through my body and eventually filling up my head. It’s pretty interesting, and makes for some pretty interesting sensations, but then after a while I start feeling a little too much pressure in my head. Continue reading

Stop Doing Things.

Lately, I’ve been stumbling through my meditation sessions like I’m still brand spanking new to this. It’s stupid. I’ve been doing my neigong every day (except for a few Sundays or Mondays here and there) but you’d think I’ve never done this before. But I guess it’s true when my Qigong master says “you’ll have good days, and you’ll have bad days.”

At first I didn’t believe him when he first said that because I was progressing really well at the time and just like the attitude of a dumb teenager/young adult, I would scoff, “No… yeah, I got this.” Continue reading

Post-Qigong headaches and tinnitus

Before each and every meditation session, I recite Taoist scriptures for a few minutes and then proceed to my meditation. It’s not a necessary thing, but I do it because I’m training as a Taoist priest, and I feel I need some sort of “ritual” since I’m a non-monastic monk.

But anyway, because I’ve been practicing a form of neigong that’s very, very similar to zuowang (Taoist meditation – sitting/forgetting), it’s hard to not get into a state where I’m cultivating qi. But again, interestingly enough, I not only cultivate qi, but I’m also experiencing that sense of oneness with the Tao/Universe. Continue reading