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See You, Renegade Seeker.

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Then and Now

My New Year’s Resolution is the same as always: want less, have less, post less (twitter/facebook), write more (blogging), experience more, help more, and forgive more.

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You Are More Than You Know.

Skeletor knows his shit

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Throwback Thursday to 1979

I was strange from the start.


Bored at a restaurant…

…so I doodled on a placemat.

Rest Easy, Grandma.

I just learned that my paternal grandmother passed away the other day. She was my last surviving grandparent on either side. I never really knew her. The only time I spent any quality time with her was back when I was five years old. All I remember was that she and my grandfather stayed with us for a short time back then. She cooked, cleaned, and took pleasure in shouting at my mother. Oh, and she’d give herself one of those “towel baths” in her room with the door open, which was kind of gross. I’ve long forgiven her for that. But still the nightmares come.

LOL… sorry.
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“I wanted more than life could ever grant me.” ~ Today, by The Smashing Pumpkins

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