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See You, Renegade Seeker.

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Hurt: The Orphan/Wounded Child Archetype

Everyone I know goes away in the end.  – “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails/Johnny Cash

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Just a few days ago I became keenly aware of my feelings of grief over the loss of one of my closest friends Angela, who tragically passed away due to suicide two years ago. It would’ve been her 39th birthday three days ago. When she passed away, I allowed myself some time to grieve, but from time to time, the very thought of her would place such a heavy weight on my heart.

So I doodled in her honor… and in honor of those who’ve felt alone, abandoned, and forgotten, and have considered suicide themselves. I know I did. Continue reading

In Honor of My Master


Me with Doctor Alan Uretz

Back in September of 2008, I stood outside of Midwest College of Oriental Medicine anxiously anticipating the first of many classes of what was to be a long journey into the field of holistic medicine. Nervously, I was standing alone watching the cars roll by in the Saturday morning Uptown Chicago traffic when I turned around to see a tall, thin man, wearing a dress shirt and tie, slacks, Chuck Taylors, and a cowboy hat walking into the school. He had the air of a collegiate professor with the demeanor of a punk rocker. “If that’s one of my professors,” I said to myself, “I’m in the right place.” As I walked inside the classroom, I looked up at our professor and found that it was him. Continue reading